Vital Sounds 2021, Quarter 4

Vital Sounds 2021, Quarter 4

KAMMCO Member Benefit: Risk Management Education, Tools, and Support

November 18, 2021


KAMMCO Member Benefit: Risk Management Education, Tools, and Support

November 18, 2021

KAMMCO supports our members with education and risk management tools and resources to help them confidently navigate the ever-changing healthcare landscape and provide the best care for their patients.

Member Risk Management Questions

Our risk management advisors are here to assist our members with the risk management tools, resources, and knowledge they need for effective business operations and quality patient care. Contact our risk management advisors by calling KAMMCO at 1-800-232-2259 or emailing them at the addresses below.

Connie Christian, MBA, CPHRM
Facility Risk Management and Patient Safety Advisor

Yolanda Sims, JD, MHA
Loss Prevention and Risk Management Advisor

KAMMCO Live Education

KAMMCO provides education for our members during our Spring Education Series and our Fall Loss Prevention program. The Spring Education comprises a series of education webinars on a variety of relevant topics. The Fall Loss Prevention program has been entirely virtual for the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But we’re hopeful our members will have the option to attend the program either in person or virtually in 2022.

KAMMCO Education Library

You can find our KAMMCO Education Library under the Risk Management Tab on the KAMMCO website. The library contains recordings of past KAMMCO education webinars. Examples of past webinars include those in this year’s Spring Education Series:

  • Enhancing Your Virtual Presence and Communication Techniques to Reduce Telemedicine Liability (May 31, 2021)
  • Bias in Clinical Practice and Its Effect on Health Outcomes (April 27, 2021)
  • Advanced Directives: What They Are and How They Impact Patient Care (May 5, 2021) 

Med-IQ Online Learning Center

You can access the Med-IQ Online Learning Center under the Risk Management tab on the KAMMCO website or by clicking the Med-IQ button on the top right of the KAMMCO homepage.

KAMMCO partners with Med-IQ to offer online risk management programs for insured physicians, hospital administrators, risk managers, and others involved in delivering quality health care. Med-IQ provides a convenient, online, specialty-specific curriculum that allows eligible members to take one course to earn an additional 2% premium credit toward policy renewal, as well as no-cost CME credits. The Med-IQ courses are case study-based and represent actual redacted medical professional liability claims.

New courses will be available in February 2022. 

KAMMCO Loss Prevention Guide

KAMMCO members have access to a highly requested and valuable members-only Loss Prevention Guide. The guide is a handbook for Kansas physicians and administrators created to help members improve patient care and reduce medical professional liability exposure. If you don’t already have this resource, contact one of our risk management advisors to request a copy. 

Risk Management Resources and Tools

The KAMMCO risk management tools and resources are located under the Risk Management tab on the KAMMCO homepage. There, you’ll find links to our COVID-19 resources, risk assessment tools, occurrence investigation resources, the risk management library, and more.