About Us

At KAMMCO, our staff are passionate advocates for our insured members. Their deep reservoir of expertise and dedication to the success of every healthcare provider they serve ensures that every provider receives unparalleled support and care.

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Founded in response to the medical malpractice crisis of the late 1980s, KAMMCO has set itself apart in the medical professional liability insurance industry for its commitment to the success of its members.


Our values inform every aspect of our operations, from providing comprehensive coverage and exceptional support to fostering a community of care and trust. We are dedicated to ensuring our healthcare providers can focus on delivering the highest quality care, knowing they have a reliable partner in KAMMCO.

Board of Directors

KAMMCO is a physician-led organization, and our board members reflect this value. The physicians and CEOs who comprise our board serve patients across the state of Kansas. Their goal is to support quality healthcare in Kansas. 

Senior Leadership

The KAMMCO senior leadership team is committed to ensuring our members have the support and resources they need to deliver quality healthcare in Kansas and the surrounding region.

Vital Sounds Newsletter

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