The KAMMCO Approach to Risk Management

In addition to the protection and advocacy that comes with KAMMCO’s professional liability coverage, KAMMCO offers members: quality education programs, risk management tools, and a staff of professional risk management advisors.

Quality Education Programs

KAMMCO offers our insured members professional education via webinars, in-person events, and online.

Risk Management Tools

KAMMCO provides our insured members with a wide range of risk management resources and tools to assist them in reducing the frequency and severity of potential loss.

Professional Risk Management Advisors

Our risk management advisory team is available to assist our insured members with their risk management questions and concerns. They have extensive experience in health care operations, regulatory matters, financial management, and loss prevention strategies. Our staff is dedicated to being accessible to assist our members with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need for effective business operations and to provide quality patient care.

    • Contact our risk management advisors by calling 1.800.232.2259.