KAMMCO License Defense Coverage

KAMMCO License Defense Coverage Higher Limits

During a provider’s career, they may find themselves facing a licensure matter from their regulatory board.* When this happens, KAMMCO can help. We provide assistance, including legal services, to defend insured providers against claims raised by their regulatory board.

This coverage is embedded in insured providers’ policies and allows for costs associated with your defense at $2,500 per licensure matter with a $5,000 annual aggregate.

Higher Limits for License Defense Coverage

For only $250 per provider, an endorsement can be purchased that provides for defense costs up to $25,000 per licensure matter with a $25,000 annual aggregate. The embedded coverage will also remain in place.

How to Get It

You can elect higher limits for defense coverage by filling out the application on your initial KAMMCO MPL application or by selecting it on the health care provider renewal application during your annual policy renewal process.

Want More Information?

For more information, contact the KAMMCO underwriting team at underwriting@kammco.com.

* The regulatory boards included in this coverage include the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, the Kansas Board of Nursing, the Kansas Dental Board, the Missouri State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts, the Missouri Board of Nursing, and the Missouri Dental Board.

This information is intended as a summary of the policy endorsement. Actual coverage is subject to the policy terms, conditions, provisions, and exclusions in the policy.