Vital Sounds 2022, Quarter 3

Vital Sounds 2022, Quarter 3

KAMMCO Renewal Information for 2022

August 1, 2022


KAMMCO Renewal Information for 2022

August 1, 2022

KAMMCO Policy Renewals

The renewal period for 2023 policies is right around the corner. Here’s what to expect:

1. Policy Renewal Communications will be Sent via Email

September 2022 marks the beginning of our policy renewal process. Once again, our underwriting department will use email to communicate with you about your policy renewal (unless you have specifically requested paper communication). If you’ve recently changed your email address, please let us know at

Items we will transmit by email include:

  • Renewal instructions
  • Renewal applications
  • Policy documents
  • Premium invoices
  • Premium financing documents

Make sure to check your spam or junk folders for our emails, and add us to your email contact “safe” list.

2. Renewal Applications are Required for Everyone

In a change from last year, insured members must complete and submit a renewal application.

We process policy renewals in the order they’re received. The earlier we receive your fully completed information, the sooner you’ll receive your policy documents.

We anticipate beginning to issue policy quotes in October.

3. Group Policy Information and What to Expect

For group policies, your office contact (i.e., practice manager, daily operations officer, etc.) should collect your group’s renewal applications and submit them to us in one group. Unfortunately, we cannot process your renewal until we receive all your group’s account information.

Once we process your group’s renewal, we’ll transmit the group’s policy and premium information to your office contact unless we’re directed to do otherwise in your group’s initial communication to us.

4. KAMMCO Election of Payment Form

Individual Insureds

We require all individual insured members to complete and submit the KAMMCO Election of Payment Form. We use this form to know how you’d like to make payment for the upcoming policy year.

Before we can renew your policy, we need all individual insured members to complete and submit the form to ensure we apply the proper credits.

Group Insureds

For group policies, only one payment option may be elected for the entire group. Individual members of group policies cannot elect an individual payment method.

5. Premium Finance Information

Financing for your annual premium is available through Fidelity State Bank and Trust. Look for more information from us, including the relevant documents, in your email beginning in September.

6. Cyber Higher Limits Application (if Cyber higher limit coverage has been elected)

If you are not electing cyber security higher limit coverage, you do not need to complete an application.


If you have any questions about the renewal process, please contact the underwriting department at