Incident Response Plan, Four-article Series

Security threats may trigger an event that requires a response from your organization. Whether you're a large business or a solo practice, being caught off guard places you in a difficult position. The days of focusing solely on local or domestic threats are long gone as the threat landscape expands globally and cyberattacks are considered part of doing business.

To help you respond to these threats, KAMMCO presents this four-part series focused on how to prepare an effective incident response plan. Each article provides tips and guidance designed to help your organization develop its own incident response plan to successfully take action in the face of cyberattacks and other privacy and security events.

Part 1: Build an All-Star Incident Response Team

Who's in charge during a cybersecurity or privacy breach event? Is it your IT team, privacy team, or office manager...? There's no one-size-fits-all approach for determining who's best to take on an investigation. One person can’t do it alone. A team of key individuals is necessary to resolve an incident effectively and expeditiously.

Part 2: Create the Game Plan

Teams with a well-thought-out game plan rally their players behind a strategy and increase their chances of a win. In Part Two of this series, we'll identify what it takes to bring together an organization’s complete incident response plan.

Part 3: Communicate the Plan

Successfully defending your organization from cybersecurity events can only happen if everyone knows their role in the plan. Some of the key groups to communicate the incident response plan include incident response team members, organization leaders, external partners, and employees.

Part 4: Test the Plan

It's imperative you make sure your organization is ready for any incident that comes your way. This article details several ways you can test your plan.