Loss Prevention 2024

The annual KAMMCO Loss Prevention Program is an opportunity for our members—and the professionals who support them—to gather and participate in education that promotes the delivery of quality patient care and minimizes the risk of litigation for healthcare professionals.

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Request for Loss Prevention 2024 Group Viewing

Complete the form below to receive materials to register your organization to watch one or both Loss Prevention 2024 webinars.

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The group viewing option is only for organizations whose members will be in the same space to watch the webinar together.

If individuals from your group will be watching the webinar in different locations, please register each member of your group for their chosen webinar separately at www.kammco.com/events.

Request for a Loss Prevention 2024 Group Viewing Registration Form
Your organization can view the 2024 Loss Prevention program webinars as a group, but to do so you must register your group with KAMMCO. Use this form to request a group viewing registration form.
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