2022 Loss Prevention Supplemental Articles

KAMMCO Vice President of Claims, Tucker Poling, JD, curated the following articles to supplement the information he presented in this year's Loss Prevention program.


"A Review of the Evidence and Recommendations on Communication Skills and the Patient–Provider Relationship: A Rome Foundation Working Team Report"

2.  Patient Education and Counseling

"Does improving patient-practitioner communication improve clinical outcomes in patients with cardiovascular diseases? A systematic review of the evidence"

3.  Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice

"Physician-patient communication at diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and its links to patient outcomes: New results from the global IntroDia study"

4.  Social Science and Medicine

"Interpersonal trust in doctor-patient relation: Evidence from dyadic analysis and association with quality of dyadic communication"

5.  Surgical Neurology International

"Multidisciplinary in‑hospital teams improve patient outcomes: A review"



6.  Trial Tactics

"Debunking and Redefining the Plaintiff Reptile Theory"

7.  Outline of the Life of a KAMMCO Claim