The Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication on Cyberhealth for Healthcare Providers and Facilities

2022 Spring Education Webinar

Recorded on March 24, 2022


Andy Grittman, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, KAMMCO

Shawn Weldin, IT Director, Sabetha Community Hospital

Brandon Welch, Breach Response Manager, Beazley Group

Program Description

Protecting healthcare facilities and practices from cyber criminals has become increasingly difficult. More and more, criminals disrupt the business of healthcare and exploit your patients’ personal and protected health information. This presentation explores the benefits of incorporating multi-factor authentication (MFA) into your organization’s IT security plan. MFA uses two or more means of identification to verify someone is who they claim to be when using technology. When implemented, MFA is a robust layer of protection IT security can use to secure vital information and systems. The goal is to make it much more difficult for threat actors to gain access to accounts, services, and resources.