2023 Policy Renewal Resources

Step 1: Complete Your Renewal Application


Everyone must complete a Renewal Application.

Click the button below to select the appropriate application based on your policy type.

The health care provider renewal application has an option to elect Higher Limits for License Defense Coverage. CLICK HERE for more information.

Select a Renewal Application

Step 2: Complete the Election of Payment Form


Everyone must complete an Election of Payment Form.

Those with group policies should send in one form for the entire group.

Download the Election of Payment Form

Step 3: Premium Financing Option


Download and complete the Finance Premium Acceptance Form if you want to use third-party financing from Fidelity State Bank and Trust to pay your annual premium.

Do not send this form to KAMMCO. Follow the direction in the form to send it directly to Fidelity State Bank.

If you have questions about the financed premium option, contact Fidelity Assistant Vice President Shelly Apodaca at 1-785-295-2100 or sapodaca@fidelitytopeka.com

Download the Finance Premium Acceptance Form

Step 4: Cyber Higher Limits Coverage Option


Every KAMMCO policy comes with embedded cyber coverage.

Fill out the Cyber Breach Response Application if:

  1. You previously opted to have higher limits on cyber coverage and would like to continue with that option in 2023; or
  2. You want to increase your cyber coverage limits beyond your embedded cyber coverage limits. 

CLICK HERE for more information about cyber coverage.

Download the Cyber Breach Response Application

Step 5: Submit Your Renewal Materials for Processing

Important. Please Read.

Submit materials together at the same time.

We cannot process your renewal until we receive all your renewal materials. Submitting materials one at a time will delay processing.

To process a renewal for a group policy, we must receive the renewal forms for each individual on the policy before proceeding. 

Deadline for Submission:

For policies that renew on January 1, 2023, the deadline to submit renewal materials is now. 

Materials to Submit to KAMMCO:

1.  (Required) Renewal Application 

2.  (Required) Election of Payment Form 

3.  (Optional) Cyber Breach Response Application 

How to Submit Materials:

Email all materials to underwriting@kammco.com. Include the subject line below.

Subject: 2023 Renewal for [Your name/Group name + Policy No.]

Submit Renewal Materials Now