Our Values

At KAMMCO, advocacy for Kansas healthcare professionals and the patients they serve is at the center of everything we do.

Our values inform every aspect of our operations, from providing comprehensive coverage and exceptional support to fostering a community of care and trust. We are dedicated to ensuring our healthcare providers can focus on delivering the highest quality care, knowing they have a reliable partner in KAMMCO.


KAMMCO will be an integral part of the healthcare community with a reputation as a responsible and innovative organization, setting the standards for member protection and advocacy for generations of healthcare professionals to come.

KAMMCO Mission

KAMMCO is a member-directed medical professional liability insurance company providing protection for physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals through superior claims defense, versatile insurance products, innovative services, and unrelenting advocacy.

The Board of Directors and staff are committed to achieving the KAMMCO mission through:


Reliable, ethical, and trustworthy. Demonstrating a high level of consistency between what we say and what we do. Paying strict attention to the fiscal responsibility necessary to promote long term financial stability.


Unrelenting efforts to champion the cause of healthcare professionals and the patients they serve.


Promote a culture of respect, dignity, and fairness with all employees, members, and business partners and provide opportunities for these parties to come together in support of healthcare professionals and their patients.


Constantly striving to take intelligent risks and develop new ideas which result in valued insureds services.

KAMMCO advocates for physicians and the Kansas healthcare community through working partnerships with the following organizations: