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Don't Let Ransomware shut you down!

Healthcare remains the most targeted industry by ransomware attacks, accounting for nearly half the ransomware incidents reported in 2018. (Beazley, 2018) Also sobering, in 2018 more than 360 data breaches exposed nearly 10 million personal health records. (ITRC, 2018)

Whether you experience an accidental exposure of patient health records or a ransomware attack, you could be facing an expensive recovery effort.

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To help address the growing risks, KAMMCO offers one of the most advanced cyber insurance solutions at extremely competitive rates. KAMMCO offers Cyber Security insurance which includes:

  • Privacy Breach Response Costs, Patient Notification Expenses, and Patient Support and Credit Monitoring Expenses
  • Coverage for mitigation costs and expenses incurred because of a privacy breach, security breach or adverse media report, including legal expenses, public relations expenses, IT forensic expenses, and costs to provide credit monitoring and identity theft assistance to affected individuals
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Coverage for income loss incurred as a direct result of an adverse media report or breach notification following a security breach or privacy breach.

Network Asset Protection

Coverage for income loss, interruption expenses, and data recovery costs incurred due to a variety of causes, from accidental damage of electronic media to cyber attacks.

Cyber Extortion

Coverage for extortion expenses incurred and extortion monies paid as a direct result of a credible cyber extortion threat, including ransomware.

Cyber Terrorism

Coverage for loss of business income and interruption expenses incurred by the Insured as a direct result of a total or partial interruption of the Insured’s computer system due to an act of cyber terrorism.

Cyber Crime

Coverage for losses incurred due to (1) wire transfer fraud, (2) fraudulent use of an insured telephone system, and (3) phishing schemes that impersonate your brand, products or services, including the costs of reimbursing your customers for losses they sustain as a result of such phishing schemes. Cyber Crime is only available with a higher limit policy.

Coverage for Expenses Related to 3rd Party Claims or Government Fines & Penalties

Multimedia Liability

Coverage for claims alleging liability resulting from the dissemination of online or offline media material, including claims alleging copyright/trademark infringement, libel/slander, plagiarism, or personal injury.

Security & Privacy Liability

Coverage for claims alleging liability resulting from a security breach or privacy breach, including claims alleging failure to safeguard personal information.

Privacy Regulatory Defense & Penalties

Coverage for regulatory fines and penalties and regulatory compensatory awards incurred in privacy regulatory proceedings/investigations brought by federal, state, or local governmental agencies.

PCI DSS Assessment

Coverage for assessments, fines, or penalties imposed by banks or credit card companies due to non-compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) or payment card company rules.

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