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Impromptu Rounding for Safety

As the seasons change so can the surfaces of the facility and adjacent structures. Periodic impromptu rounding throughout the campus to identify potential safety issues for patients, visitors and staff can prevent potential liability claims from occurring along with work comp injuries. It is important impromptu rounding never take the place of regularly scheduled formal safety rounds complete with checklists and action plan documentation; however, identifying and acting on smaller issues as they arise may make formal safety rounds less cumbersome.
Loss prevention tips:     
  • Occasionally alter your path when arriving at the facility. Identify shrubs or other obstacles that may impede line of site at intersections or ability to walk safely along sidewalks.
  • If allowed, park in a location where patients and visitors park.  Evaluate the parking area for potential dangers involving access, ability to exit and enter vehicles, and the integrity of driving/walking surfaces and curbs.
  • When possible take a moment in a patient/visitor waiting area.  Walk where the patient/visitors walk, sit where they sit, see what they see and hear what they hear as they are accessing the facility and waiting for their service/appointment. 
  • While moving through employee parking areas, entrances and break areas, experience the traffic flow both in a vehicle and on foot to ensure potential hazards are removed or repaired. 
Identification and action on safety issues may prevent a liability claim but also can assist in validating the business case for proactive risk management.  For more information on facility and physician office risk assessment walk through, please visit  
Connie Christian, MBA, CPHRM
KAMMCO Facility Risk Management & Patient Safety Advisor