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Today, we are announcing a unified KAMMCO brand. KAMMCO and its subsidiaries will simply be referred to as KAMMCO, with exceptions being insurance policies, financial transactions/reporting, or corporate legal matters where the full subsidiary name is most appropriate or required.

The KAMMCO board recently evaluated what KAMMCO means to members, the patients they serve, the healthcare organizations with whom we collaborate, and the new markets we are likely to enter into over the next few years. In doing so, the KAMMCO mission and vision and the KAMMCO business plan have been revised to reflect a national footprint with a more encompassing suite of insurance products and healthcare solutions intended to support and advocate for physicians and the delivery of quality healthcare. The entire KAMMCO enterprise is poised to advocate for providers in new and important ways which are valuable to both providers and patients alike. The revised mission and vision statements read as follows:

KAMMCO Mission: 
To be a trusted source of innovative insurance and technology solutions designed to meet the unique needs of our network of connected healthcare communities.

KAMMCO Vision: 
To create value for healthcare providers and the patients they serve through provider-directed, patient-focused business and technology solutions that support quality care.
This unification also presented an opportunity to “freshen” up our logo and general branding look. Of particular interest, please note, the “a” in KAMMCO is now officially “A”.  The “to capitalize/not to capitalize” debate can now officially be put to rest. 

In the upcoming weeks, we hope you will visit the refreshed website. The information and member resources are now organized according to our Insurance division and Healthcare division. Potentially some of the best news yet, the updated site no longer requires a user name and password for members to access member resources. Please note, linked third party web resources such as MED-IQ and the Cyber Security Resource Center will still require a login upon reaching the respective portals.
An invigorated company, grounded in its commitment to physician advocacy, which continues to grow its network of connected and empowered providers should look like a company of the future. Rest assured, even with the new logo and color change, the enduring name and legacy of KAMMCO will remain. While we are capitalizing the “A” and widening the group of physicians, hospitals and other healthcare professionals for whom we advocate, the essence of who KAMMCO truly is remains the same: a physician driven organization with a focus on the delivery of quality patient care.