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From the beginning, KAMMCO has worked to establish a claims philosophy that aggressively defends members. With the emergence of managed care, and the existence of the National Practitioner Data Bank, it is more important than ever for healthcare professionals to protect patients and to defend themselves against allegations of wrongdoing. By working with members, KAMMCO has established a proven method to assemble a confident and effective defense team.

  • Early Investigation – As soon as there is notice of a claim, KAMMCO Medical Liability Analysts begin the process of recording facts and assembling a defense team. A thorough review of records, procedures, and other related information by the defense team will ensure that all documents and relevant facts are preserved.
  • Legal Expertise – KAMMCO believes in being selective in the choice of defense counsel. At the first notice of a lawsuit, staff and the member evaluate case details and select appropriate counsel.
  • Case Reviews – By working as a team, new ideas and strategies are constantly developed to improve member defense.
  • Personalized Service – During difficult times, no one likes to be alone. KAMMCO staff attend depositions, hearings, and trials, offering professional expertise and emotional support. KAMMCO also offers a litigation support program, the KAMMCO CARES (Creating Advocacy through Responsive Education) program, which offers additional support to members and spouses.

The nature of claims is evolving with new causes of action and ever-increasing claim severity. KAMMCO has positioned itself to respond to these challenges both before and after a lawsuit is filed.

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as any of the following occur:

  • You receive notice of a claim from a patient or the patient’s attorney
  • You are served with a lawsuit or notice of intent to commence a lawsuit
  • A patient asks for a copy of his or her records under circumstances which may reflect dissatisfaction with your care
  • You receive a records request or other communication from an attorney
  • An incident occurs which makes you uncomfortable with any aspect of the care you have provided
  • There is any untoward or unexpected outcome in a patient’s care, whether or not you feel your care was provided in a satisfactory manner
  • You learn of any threat of a claim or suit by a patient or member of the patient’s family, whether such threat is made directly to you or is overheard by you or your staff or is learned secondhand
  • You receive a notice of investigation from the state medical or osteopathic disciplinary agency

Early reporting may provide an opportunity to obtain advice for managing the situation, which could prevent a formal claim from being filed in the future.

There are several ways to do so.  You may call our office at (800) 232-2259 and ask to speak with the Claims Coordinator; complete the KAMMCO Claim Report Form and e-mail (via secured connection) it to the KAMMCO Claims Coordinator at with information regarding your potential claim.

To obtain a Loss History Report, please e-mail your request to If an individual other than the member insured is requesting the Loss History Report, a signed authorization is required. A sample authorization can be found here.