The Benefits of Membership

Volume: 2018

Issue: 1

Date: 1/2/2018

KaMMCO Board Renews Loyalty Award Dividend Program
KaMMCO is excited to announce the Board of Directors voted unanimously to continue the Loyalty Award Dividend Program in 2018. KaMMCO’s success over the years is, in no small measure, attributable to the loyalty it has enjoyed from the members of the Kansas Medical Society and the Kansas Hospital Association. Full program details can be found at

ELM Exchange is now Med-IQ; online education use high in 2017

ELM Exchange, KaMMCO’s risk management online education partner, is now part of Med-IQ. While the educational program has not changed, KaMMCO members may notice the new name and branding. The online education content and site functionality remains the same.

In 2017, nearly 300 KaMMCO members completed their first online course, and nearly 600 took two or more courses. The user-friendly courses can be accessed 24/7 from any computer (or mobile device) with internet capability. Courses completed by September 30, 2017, offered participants a 2 percent premium credit toward 2018 policy renewal, as well as CME.

Watch for all new courses coming in early 2018!

KaMMCO Fall Loss Prevention Participation High

For 2016 Fall Loss Prevention, KaMMCO changed from its past practice of offering presentations in 8-10 locations across the state on as many different dates. Instead, KaMMCO offered members a live presentation by a national speaker, and video-streamed the live presentation to four locations across the state. Participants were also given the opportunity to attend the presentation via webinar from their own office or home.

Regardless of how members chose to access the programming, the new format as well as the topic were well-received. Nearly 1,600 healthcare professionals attended or tuned-in on September 12 to the “How to Love Medicine Again” presentation by Starla Fitch, MD. More than 200 members chose to participate via webinar; 167 members joined team viewing events in their offices; and more than 600 members chose to view the recorded event on the KaMMCO website by Sept. 30.

All viewing options allowed members to receive a 5 percent policy premium discount on their 2018 renewal.

“How to Love Medicine Again” recording available

Members who may have missed KaMMCO’s Fall Loss Prevention speaker Starla Fitch, MD, and her presentation on “How to Love Medicine Again,” now have the opportunity to watch the presentation on KaMMCO’s website. Beginning January 1, the recording will be available on the website for a limited time for members who sign-in with their username and password.

Watch the video