Member Services

In addition to the protection and advocacy that comes with KaMMCO’s professional liability coverage, KaMMCO offers members access to a staff of professionals with extensive experience in health care operations, regulatory matters, financial management, and loss prevention strategies to reduce the frequency and severity of potential loss. Our staff is dedicated to being accessible to assist our members with the tools, resources and knowledge they need for effective business operations and to provide quality patient care.

KaMMCO is continually looking for new ways to infuse additional value for all insured members. One very unique aspect of KaMMCO is the voice members have in shaping the company. Many of our services, products and programs are created in response to members' inquiries or requests. To ensure KaMMCO and its members have strong communication and regular contact, KaMMCO’s Member Services Coordinators travel the state to meet with physicians, hospital administrators and staff, office managers, and other health care professionals to gather feedback regarding member experiences and to respond to any questions or concerns.