Cyber Security Insurance

In a recent survey, KaMMCO members indicated one of their top three concerns is the cyber liability risk now faced as a result of the new health insurance reform requirements and pressures to manage patient data electronically. All KaMMCO members benefit from a basic coverage level which has been automatically added to each insured’s policy at no cost. Additional levels of coverage, or coverage for non-KaMMCO members, is available to purchase.


NEW Enhancement to Cyber Insurance Policy

BrandGuard - Includes coverage for lost revenue and a decline in profitability due to a cyber breach resulting in reputational harm. A panel of crisis communications and public relations professionals are available to support your cyber breach response efforts. A full coverage summary can be reviewed by clicking below.

Cyber Security Insurance Coverage Summary

Claims Examples

Call Stacy Moorhead or Karolyn Scanlon at 1.800.232.2259 with any CSI questions. CSI applications can be found at  Insurance Applications.
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