Report A Claim or Incident

When should you contact KaMMCO to report a claim or incident? 

If any of the following occur:
  • You receive notice of a claim from a patient or the patient’s attorney.
  • You are served with a lawsuit or notice of intent to commence a lawsuit.
  • A patient asks for a copy of his or her records under circumstances which may reflect dissatisfaction with your care.
  • You receive a records request or other communication from an attorney.
  • An incident occurs which makes you uncomfortable with any aspect of the care you have provided.
  • There is any untoward or unexpected outcome in a patient’s care, whether or not you feel your care was provided in a satisfactory manner.
  • You learn of any threat of a claim or suit by a patient or member of the patient’s family, whether such threat is made directly to you or is overheard by you or your staff or is learned secondhand.
  • You receive a notice from a state disciplinary agency.