Kansas Health Information Network

The Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN) mission is to improve health care quality, coordination and efficiency through the exchange of health information at the point of care utilizing a secure electronic network provided by a collaboration of health care organizations.

The KHIN objectives are:

1.Ensure that the core focus of the Health Information Exchange (HIE) is on protecting patient privacy while improving patient care coordination and quality;

2.Ensure that the costs of operating the HIE are fairly and appropriately shared by all stakeholders and structured to minimize barriers to participation by all providers;

3.Ensure that the health information exchange is available to and serves the needs of providers and patients, especially in rural and medically underserved areas of the state;

4.Achieve efficiencies of scale in the purchase and implementation of the core technology infrastructure required by a health information exchange; and

5.Capitalize on the unique strengths that local communities and regions bring to the HIE and ensure that individual regions or communities have the decision-making authority to address local or regional health-care initiatives.

For more information visit www.khinonline.org.

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